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Repair of ASIC miners in Moscow with warranty

Certified Intelion Mining service center

We will pick up and deliver back your equipment from anywhere in Moscow and Moscow metropolitan area
We provide a 6 months warranty on the repaired equipment
Why choose us - our advantages
We will replace your faulty card in 5 minutes
Free diagnostics
We’re ready to check your equipment as soon as you come to our office
Original spare parts
Only new spare parts are used for repair.
Repair prices
Equipment diagnostics10 minutes
Cooler replacement20 minutes
9,01 $
Installing firmware15 minutes
7,51 $
Cooling system check-up25 minutes
1,35 $
Ultrasonic cleaning60 minutes
14,27 $
Control board repair1-2 days
15,02 $
Control board replacement15 minutes
75,10 $
Hash board repair1-2 days
44,91 $
Hash board replacement5 minutes
44,91 $
Hash board chips replacement1-2 days
44,91 $
Hash board power supply repair2 days
43,56 $
Heat sink replacement35 minutes
7,51 $

We will repair all equipment for free
When hosted at the Intelion Mining data center
Hosting of ASIC miners starting at 0,053 $/kWh

We repair equipment of all popular manufacturers
We fix any malfunction
Power circuit fault
In most cases, ASICs fail due to damage to the power circuits of hash boards. With increasing loads on the power grid the probability of voltage surges also increases, which can lead to malfunction
Not all chips are detected
One of the most common problems is the chips failure. The greatest load falls on chips, it is the chips that enable you to add Bitcoins. Most of the service centers use refurbished chips or chips previously used in mining
ASIC won’t turn on
The control board controls not only the performance of the hash boards, but also the entire process from switching on, to testing and mining. The controller is responsible for all this and often fails due to frequent reboots or constant load
Hash rate drops
Hash rate drops can be caused by different kinds of faults including chips failure. Often, rebooting and replacing the power supply solves the issue only for a while, and in order to avoid costly repairs, it is better to contact the service immediately
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