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Data center near Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant

Hosting of ASIC miners for 0,054 $/kWh
  • All services are already included
  • 100% uptime
  • 24/7 technical support
  • No additional fees

The data center is built on the site of Kalinin NPP

Located near Tver which is a big industrial city
Uninterrupted power supply directly from nuclear power plants
32 mW is available for equipment placement
High qualified engineering and tech service units
Want to see for yourself?

For ASIC device hosting we use professional solutions based on 40-foot containers

    Each one of them:

  • Accommodates 300 Antminer S17 devices
  • Equipped with a gas extinguishing system
  • Has a fully managed routing Equipped with an automatic temp control system
  • Can be monitored via browser or Telegram

Hosting price includes

Hosting spot in the container
For all types of ASIC miners
99.70% actual equipment uptime (regulated maintenance no more than 24 hours/year)
We take full responsibility
Full liability for the equipment prescribed in the contract
Uninterrupted internet connection
Primary and backup channels from two different providers
24/7/365 Technical Support provided by Intelion Data Systems specialists
Site visitations
The ability to visit and get a tour of the center to monitor your devices
Fire extinguishing systems
Gas extinguishing systems in all containers
Logistic support
Support at all stages of logistics during equipment relocation

About our data center at Kalinin NPP

"Tver Region, 380 km from MKAD,
secured facility at the NPP"
Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant delivers electricity to many big cities in central Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. The power capacity of Kalinin NPP is 4000 MW. It's the most technologically advanced energy generating facility in Russia.

The site is a part of the project on developing an infrastructure of highly secure data centers near Rosatom State Corporation Nuclear Power Plants all across Russia as part of the Digital Economy program.
A secured site in the safety perimeter of a nuclear power plant
A no-flight zone
Around the clock guarded area operating by the standards of the nuclear industry
Engineering and tech support services

We have nothing to hide

Equipment placement agreement
Customer Equipment placement Contract
Supply contract
Customer supply contract
Agreement with Rosenergoatom JSC
Intelion Mining and Rosenergoatom JSC contract
Equipment insurance
Customer Property Insurance Policy
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Mining center

The time of at-home mining farms has long passed. The cryptocurrency mining process is improving every year. Today mining could be profitable only in specially equipped data centers, which provide low electricity prices and are able to provide high uptime. Our company is constantly looking for opportunities to optimize the mining process and make it more profitable and secure.

Our new mining center is located near Kalinin NPP and supported with the infrastructure and resources of the JSC Rosenergoatom. The data center is equipped with the innovative technologies and prepared to host all known ASIC-miner models with any high power consumption and hash rate.

Hosting service for ASIC - miners

In addition to the obvious price benefits of industrial mining, we offer other services that will improve efficiency and prevent maintenance expenses:

  1. Connection to a reliable source of electricity. Due to the uninterrupted supply of electricity provided by Kalinin NPP, we can guarantee the highest uptime on the market - up to 99.70%.
  2. Infrastructure. Uninterrupted Internet connection, gas fire extinguishing system, cooling system. For industrial mining, all these conditions constitute a guarantee of uninterrupted mining of ASICs and their safety.
  3. 24-hour security. The safety of the equipment specified in the contract is ensured by the Rosenergoatom Concerns protocols. The facility is guarded 24/7. Standards of the nuclear industry facility implied.
  4. Full transparency. You can visit the facility at any time and see for yourself how everything works.
  5. Round-the-clock tech support. Our experts work 24 hours, 7 days a week, and are ready to answer all your questions.

Mining center

The facility was built with the resources of the Kalinin NPP as a part of a large project of the Rosenergoatom Concern. According to that project, Rosenergoatom plans to build data-centers near nuclear power plants. Our experience in constracting and developing data centers has helped to lay the ground for the large-scale implementation of the national project. This Mining Center is the first step towards building a data center network in Russia.

Join us! Together we can make mining a large sector of world economy and make some positive changes in the indusrty!

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