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Data center — «Tulachermet»

Hosting of ASIC and GPU farms in a specialized data center

Hosting of ASIC miners starting at 0,053 $/kWh!

3D tour of the data center
We guarantee the safety of your equipment!
Data center is located on the premises of a secure regime facility, constantly under security guards protection and is equipped with a comprehensive security system
All installed equipment is fully insured in a reliable insurance company
Your equipment is taking for hosting under the contract, with necessary certificates attached and serial numbers listed
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The pricing for devices’ hosting at data center
Antminer S19 95 Ths
Antminer S19 pro 110 Ths
Antminer T19 84 Ths
WhatsMiner m31s+ 82 Ths
WhatsMiner m30s++ 112 Ths
Avalon 1166 Pro 81 Ths
Avalon 1246 90 Ths
GPU farm 8 video cards RX570/580
GPU farm 8 video cards RX5700
GPU farm 8 video cards p104-100
GPU farm 8 video cards 1660 Super

Intelion data center is built at the facilities of a large metallurgical enterprise
Unlimited secure network at speeds of 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps to a dedicated server
Backup power supply channels. Data center is equipped with industrial-grade UPS
The center is equipped with a powerful cooling system, intake and exhaust ventilation systems
Air humidity monitoring and dust filtration systems in effect. Weekly equipment cleaning
24-hour technical support 12 technicians on site
Uninterrupted power supply of the data center is provided by the heavy industry capacities
For ASIC devices we use professional solutions based on 40-foot containers
The design accommodates up to 192 Antminer S9 or L3+ units. The farm is fully autonomous, process control via WEB browser or Telegram with feedback on the system status
Why is remote hosting profitable and convenient?
Regularly scheduled maintenance
You don't have to worry about the technical serviceability of the equipment: each device is monitored and maintained as planned by specialists, which means that you will not lose money on downtime or clog your head with unnecessary technical information
Any power requirement and no power outages
You will forget about the lack of power problem, power outages and rising electricity prices. Data center will provide all necessary power at a fixed rate.
24/7 Security and video surveillance
You don't have to worry about the safety of the equipment. 24-hour security and remote video surveillance will take care of that. All property is insured.
Professional support
Our experts will always help with the selection of components and the purchase of new equipment. Our proven suppliers will deliver and configure the equipment in a short time.
No overheating
If your equipment is located in an unequipped room, you will inevitably lose money on additional cooling, while the devices will fail prematurely from constant overheating.

Mining center for the best price

Today mining center (mining hotel) is a specifically equipped space for placing mining farms and ASIC devices. Intelion Data Systems has several of those facilities for hosting mining equipment. We provide excellent service in that field. All our centers are highly secured and can provide uninterrupted Internet connection and electricity supply!

Why do you need a special facility for an ASIC or a farm?

We started this business because we understand the connection between the working condition of the equipment and its profitability. In the room that not equipped properly and has not the needed systems for cooling and ventilation equipment with high power consumption will not provide good service and quickly break down. Also, non-specialized facilities such as office buildings and apartments are often experiencing power voltage drops that most times pass unnoticed but will be very much noticed when mining equipment will bs connected to it. So placing asiks in a mining center may save you a lot of problems.

When placing your equipment in our data center you get the best tech support as a nice bonus. It's not only about a good spot for mining but also about your insurance in the future! Our experts monitor the operation of the farm 24/7. They immediately inform clients of any malfunctions and costs of eliminating them. But of course, the goal is not to have any of those! We also did everything to prevent any hacker attacks. Our security protocols eliminate any risks of the third party intervening!

Our facility near Moscow has:

  • Properly equipped site for hosting of the farms / ASIC;
  • Secure space with uninterrupted power supply and stable Internet connection;
  • First-class service specialists in control of all the operational processes.

Instead of choosing another way, choose to be safe and secure with:

  • affordable prices;
  • tools for remote control;
  • full transparency - cryptocurrency goes directly to your wallet.

Mining is a highly profitable business but also can be very risky. We here to help you manage the risks and make the most of your business.

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